Welcome to the Newquay Foodbank

The inability to support yourself, or your family, with the basics to survive such as bread, milk and other essential foods, in 2019 is an appalling reality for many.

The Newquay foodbank seeks to be the source of light and hope to those who have fallen on hard times, whether it is through the loss of a job, injury or other matter. Newquay Food bank works with other supporting agencies to locate those who need us the most and ensure they get the right help from the right people, to get themselves back onto their feet.

Do you need our support?

If you find yourself in the situation where you are struggling please do not worry or hesitate about getting in touch, many of us have been there.  There are many Frontline care professionals such as Doctors, the Children’s Centre, Schools, Police, CAB, and the Red Cross amongst others  who you can go to, they will talk you through your current situation, giving you the best guidance for the way forward.  If you need it they will issue you with a Foodbank Voucher , Once you have a voucher bring this to any of our sessions, see our Opening times page, this voucher will then be swapped for a food parcel .

Can you support us?

We receive no public funding and therefore are a volunteer led Charitable organisation that relies on the support of the Community to continue our vital work.  There are many ways you may wish to support us as follows:

1)    Give your time – we have many volunteer roles available dependant on your interests and time availability

2)    Donate food – you can donate at many locations around Newquay such as Morrisons, Aldi and Sainsburys, amongst others or direct at any foodbank sessions

3)    Donate funds – you can donate online via the CAF donate button below, or use our contact details to discuss how a donation can be made.

4)    Front line care professional – We are always looking for more partners to work with to ensure all who need a voucher can access one.

5)    Share and promote our workFollow us on Twitter at @NewquayFoodbank or find us on Facebook by searching Newquay Foodbank.  By simply sharing our story you will be supporting us to gain more coverage and hopefully from that more support will come.

If you would like any further information whether that be to request support or offer it, please contact us on 07810271202.